Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ShareFile and Azure AD-The Setup

If you're thinking about ShareFile, Citrix's secure file sharing solution, you should give thought to user account authentication and management.  Planning for this now will save you trouble in the future as your ShareFile needs and user base grows.  This is where Azure Active Directory can help.

If your organization is using Office 365, you're already using Azure Active Directory (AD).  Azure AD is a cost effective, reliable, and easy to use single sign-on (SSO) solution. With Azure AD It's simple to extend its use to SaaS applications like ShareFile.  Once Azure AD has been setup you can connect it to your on-premise Active Directory in minutes.  Microsoft offers different options for Azure AD based on your needs.

When you integrate ShareFile with Azure AD you'll be able to centrally manage who has access to through the Azure portal.  Because of Azure's SSO capabilities, you'll also be able to enable users to automatically sign onto ShareFile with their Azure AD accounts.
You can try Citrix ShareFile and Azure AD for free by signing up at their portals:
Now, let's run through the process of configuring ShareFile to work with Azure AD.  For this demonstration, I've already configured Azure AD, enabled Azure Active Directory Connect, and completed the initial configuration of my ShareFile site.

The home office is coming together!

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