Sunday, May 19, 2013

Denver: Happenings

My wife and I got back from our vacation from the Denver area this past weekend and I wanted to publish the first of three posts about the trip.  I'll share my thoughts, be warned they might be brief, about the places we visited and a few pictures too.

Garden of the Gods: The ride from Denver to Colorado Springs was very nice with many mountain views.  The park was well kept with a lot of unique red rock formations.  There were several trails and a good bit of horse manure along the way; there were regular horse rides throughout the day in the park.

Goorin Brothers: Denver offered our first in-person visit to a Goorin Brothers store; we'd done our previous shopping online.  We found hats, hats, and more hats there as well as great service.

Sombrero Ranch: If I had ever been on a horse before this trip, I certainly didn't remember it.  We decided before we got there to book the breakfast ride, and it was a good choice.  We got a lot of good views on the trails to and from the breakfast spot, the horses were nice and not too ornery and our guide kept us safe and provided good conversation.

Rocky Mountain National Park: The Park offered a lot of wonderful mountain views, but unfortunately a lot of the roads were still closed due to the winter season.

Tattered Cover Book Store: A block from our hotel was the Tattered Cover Book Store; it was a two-story building full of glorious reading.  They offered many types of books some with autographs; we picked up coffee and breakfast from their cafe.  It was a place I'd like to go back to.

Colorado Rockies Baseball Game:  We were able to catch a Rockies game while they were playing the Yankees.  The Yankee's fans were a bit obnoxious but oh well, we did our best to stay warm on a cold and soggy night the best way we could: trash bag ponchos.

The 1up:  This bar near the Rockies baseball park offered a lot of old video games; though I think I had more fun playing with their enormous Jenga sets.

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