Thursday, May 2, 2013


Yesterday, I got up early and took care of my weekly sprint intervals at the indoor track at the Monon Community Center (MCC).  This has become a Wednesday morning ritual, a time when I wear no headphones and leave the phone in the locker.  I try to let it all hang out and listen to my body and just push.

Yesterday didn't feel too different, especially when I cursed the alarm when it went off at 5:00am; I got myself together and headed to the MCC and got started.  My method is to go 4 laps normal, then 1 lap sprint and repeat until finished.  I usually go 34 laps which is 4 miles, signs at the MCC state that 8 laps is a mile but we've figured out it's really closer to 8 and a half laps for a mile.  Anyway, yesterday I went in deciding to just push as hard as I could and ended up finishing the 34 laps in 33 minutes and 21 seconds (Avg. 8:20 mile/min).  My previous best was 34 minutes and 22 seconds (Avg. 8:34 mile/min), I pushed and finished a minute faster than my previous best.  It felt good even though I was completely gassed when I finished and started my walking cool down laps.  I gave it all and left nothing on the table.

I plan on changing to 3 laps normal and 1 lap sprints in the future; that will help push me even further along.  It'll be tough, but what's the point in playing it safe and taking the easy road?


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