Saturday, June 1, 2013

Denver: Libations

As previously stated my wife and I recently visited Denver.  This is my last Denver post and it regards beer.  Denver is a pretty big beer town and they do it well and for that I am extremely happy.

Great Divide - Great Divide's taproom was a little cramped and pretty much completely packed when we got there mid-afternoon.  I was underwhelmed by the staff work the taproom. They got you what you wanted when they got to it.  The beer was pretty good, I'd say it was better than average.  I would drink it again; I just didn't fall in love with any one brew while I was there.  The brewery and taproom seemed to attract an abnormally large volume of hipsters, I'm not sure that's a good or bad thing.

New Belgium Brewery - Hands down, New Belgium Brewery was the best beer experience I've ever had.  First, there was the tour.  The tour was awesome, we walked with our guide all around the brewery, sample beer, and at the end of it we got to go down a slide.  Those working in the tasting room were great and attentive to a packed room.  The culture and excitement for their jobs that just oozed off the staff was contagious, if I could drop everything, move to Fort Collins, CO. and work at New Belgium I would.  I think I feel in love with the Lips of Faith series while I was there, the La Folie, Pardebloom, and Pluot were probably my favorites.  The regular line is pretty amazing too.

Breckenridge Brewery - We headed to Breckenridge's restaurant near Coor's Field and enjoyed a flight of beers from the local area.  I decided to do this, instead of going for all Breckenridge beer, which I can get here in Indiana.  The brew was good and so was the food, it was a pretty good place to visit.

Wynkoop Brewery - One block from our hotel sat the Wynkoop Brew Pub that we didn't know was there, we happened upon it by accident.  We sampled several beers and were happy with what we got, though I believe my favorite of theirs was the ColoRojo an American Amber / Red Lager.

Avery Brewing - Thanks to some bad directions for our phone's GPS we got to Avery a little slower then we wanted to.  In the end it worked out, because when we left we were happy.  Everyone in the taproom was great and took good care of us.  The food was taken care of by a catering company in the same area in the office park they're located in and it was really tasty.  We tried several good beers, even a spicy beer.  The best thing I tasted though out of the load of good beer was the Maharaja, a double IPA.  Though I really enjoyed Ellie's Brown Ale too, I was partial to it before I ever tasted it due to the dog on the label.

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