Monday, January 13, 2014

T25 Focus: Day One

T25 Focus: Alpha & Beta Kit
My wife and I purchased the Shaun T’s T25 Focus exercise program.  We picked up the Alpha and Beta cycles, we’ll probably pick up Gamma once we’re farther through the plan.
We took our “before” pictures before we started the workout this morning.  The week one, day one workout is Cardio.  This workout had me sweating buckets by the time twenty-five minutes was done.  I had tried a few of the other workouts before, but didn’t get a chance to experience this one.  I felt like I worked harder than some of the hour-long workout DVD’s that’ll now be collection dust on my self.
I changed into my running shoes and put on a long sleeve shirt and went for a quick one and half mile run around my neighborhood.  I’m trying to balance these workouts and running so I can complete another half-marathon in the spring.  I felt pretty good when I finished, but could tell I need fuel quickly.  I’m going to keep playing with how much I run and will start kicking it up a notch once I get farther into to T25 Focus.
I’m going to try and post our experience through T25 weekly.  I’m excited to see my results in ten weeks!

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