Friday, October 10, 2014

LG G3: I Broke Up With My iPhone

Sorry Apple, but it was time to break up with my iPhone.

I had been an iPhone guy for a while.  I think I started with the iPhone 3 and just three weeks ago I put my iPhone 4S out to pasture.  My wife and I made the decision to check out new phones the weekend that the iPhone 6 and 6+ were released.  We wanted see it before me made any decisions.  The first thing I learned is that you should avoid cell phone stores the weekend a new iPhone comes out ... it was madness.

Beyond the wall of people and the hype we saw the new iPhones and were very underwhelmed.  It was the same phone, with a bigger screen and body with features that other phones had a while ago.  I had completed some research on the current flagship phones and had an idea I wanted to check out the iPhone, Samsung S5, and the LG G3.  I instantly gravitated toward the LG G3, the Quad HD screen really got my attention.  One of the biggest things I like about the LG G3 is that even though it has a 5.5" diagonal sized screen it doesn't feel huge.  The 13.1 MP rear camera and laser auto-focus are great, it's a huge upgrade over what I was used to.  I get the built in LG Health app, Tap Knock, a cool way to lock and unlock the screen, all the apps I'm used to from my iPhone, a universal USB charger, instead of that proprietary Apple one, and a huge battery life improvement.  The icing on top of this cake the free battery and phone stand/charger I'm getting through a LG promotion, the ability to add Micro SD cards for cheeper than buying a phone with more capacity, a $1 LG tablet, and actual usable widgets, not just some after thought in my notification center.

I'm extremely happy with my new LG G3.  I've got compatibility with my Mac and iTunes by using JRT Studio's ISyncr and Cheetah Sync, which was a huge concern for me.  The learning curve was low and path to switch from an iPhone was easy.  The outright cost of the G3 is cheaper than the iPhone and honestly, I think it looks nicer.  I'm glad I switched.

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