Monday, October 20, 2014

Vinyl Me Please - October 2014: R.L. Burnside

The record and it's Vinyl Me Please sleeve

The featured cocktail recipe and custom art print
I had been looking for an easy way to bolster my record collection so I ventured out on the good old world wide web and looked around.  I came upon a few services, but the one that struck me was Vinyl Me Please.

For the sake of keeping it simple I'll call it VMP.  VMP has a pretty straight forward system, pay 23 dollars a month (shipping not included) and they'll ship you a record they've curated, a cocktail pairing (recipe), an art print inspired by the record, and a weekly digest with interviews, album reviews, and free downloads.  You can pay monthly, every six, or yearly.  For the sake of trying it out I'm going with the monthly option for now.

The October 2014 pick was R.L. Burnside's Too Bad Jim.  I got record 417 out of the limited edition set of 4500.  It's a fun foot stomping blues record that was recorded in the 1990s.  Inside the record sleeve was a card with a digital download code, which I might add is something I was wondering if they would include.  I wouldn't have been upset if it didn't have a digital download, but it sure makes the deal sweeter for me that they do.  The cocktail pairing is something called the Bloody Motha, a simple take on a Bloody Mary that's pretty much bourbon and tomato juice.  The art print based on the record is gorgeous, you'll see it pictured above.

I'm not sure if this happens every month, but VMP also sold one-off copies of other records.  I decided to picked up the Shakey Graves' "And The War Came" after previewing a few of the tracks on Spotify.  This is a nice album, I'm going to listen a few more times and probably review it later this week.

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