Sunday, November 30, 2014

There's An Art To Shaving

The safety razor
I haven't enjoyed shaving for quite some time or if ever.  At this point it feels like a chore, especially since I shave my head.  I've been wanting to stop in the Art of Shaving (AoS) for a while.  They have a location close to home, however I decided to stop in the store in Charleston, SC where we were vacationing.

The staff at the AoS were great, they walked me through all the shaving products and gave demonstrations on how to use them.  I was sold on the shaving products quickly, I got a full kit that included a badger hair brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and post-shave balm.  I got a small travel kit for free as well.  What is overpriced?  Probably, but it's gotten me to enjoy shaving.  I now prep right by using hot towels or showering first, I'm saving money but using a safety razor and double edge razor blades.  I bought an Edwin Jagger DE89LBL safety razor, it came with Derby Extra razor blades which I've found I prefer over the Persona blades I purchased.
The products

I'm still learning how to properly use the safety razor and get quicker, it's quite different.  It takes a little longer to shave my face and head, but my skin is feeling better because of it.  I'm pretty happy that I've made this switch, maybe one day I'll try my hand with a straight razor.

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