Review: The Rising Storm

The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Rising Storm is the second adult book in the High Republic series which is set about 200 years before the films. It starts about a year after the events in the Light of the Jedi. The story centers around the lead up to the Republic Fair, its start, the attack the Nihil carry out on the fair, and it’s aftermath.

The fair is held on the planet of Valo. The Republic Fair fells a lot like the Worlds Fair. Specifically, it felt a lot like the 1964 fair that Disney influenced heavily. A lot of the characters are still recovering/reeling from the events that transpired in other books in the series. The book focuses on Bell Zettifar, Elzar Mann, Stellen Gios, Chancellor Lina Soh, Rhil Dairo, and Ty Yorrick.

I enjoyed the story and the continuation of the over arch the collective group of authors is telling. The voice acting of Marc Thompson was stellar, as always. Honestly, the story bounced from character to character a lot and sometimes that felt awkward and disjointed. I’m looking forward to the third book and plan on listening to it as well. I’ll likely pick these up in print form as some point as well.

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